Aston Villa Defense is the Worst in Premiere League

After the humiliating defeat of 1-6 against Manchester City a fan of Aston Villa came with an amazing stat sheet on Reddit. He shared a sheet of worst defense record of teams in EPL after Match 22 and avfc has worst record among them.

This post showed how badly club needs to do some changing at the back. They do got Pepe Reina on loan from AC Milan but they need good Central Backs. Aston Villa defense is horrible this season according to the stats below:

Aston Villa Has Worst Defense in Premiere League
Pic Credits: TheOther14

In this sheet you can clearly see Aston Villa defense has allowed most shots than anyone in the league and conceded couple of less goals than Norwich city. Most Fans are demanding the club to sign a new striker but what they need is really an opposite.

According to the stats shared by DomingoUno on reddit Villa should sign couple of good defenders on loan or maybe permanently. This will help them conceding less goals.

There is still some time in winter transfer window to close but we are not hearing anything from our sources about signing any defenders.

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