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Grealish Revealed The Moment He Collapsed At Hotel For England Trials

Aston Villa’s skipper Jack Grealish has revealed how he was collapsed in a hotel bathroom while on trial at the England Youth Level team.

Grealish has dazzled the nation with his brilliant performance on his first start for The Three Lions. He was awarded with Man Of The Match award after the game.

Recalling that incident Grealish said, “I was just a young lad, going to meet up with all the best players from England, around the country, and it was a big difference from what I was used to.”

“When I got there, I woke up in the middle of the night, I went to go to the toilet and then my room-mate, who was Diego Poyet, Gus Poyet’s son, heard a bang and then I just woke up in the bathroom. I had obviously collapsed.”

“I didn’t want to go home the following day, but England said they thought it was best that I did. I always wanted to play for England and I’m just so grateful and thankful to the manager for making it happen.”

Jack Grealish wants to play for the national team as long as he can, “I want to be in the squad now for the next, however long – five, six years – and I want to have a long England career and get many caps. I want to cement my place.”

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“I have got a lot of confidence about me on and off the pitch.”

A reporter asked him the reason for wearing the socks so low, he replied by saying, “I wear my socks down for two reasons. One, when I was younger, I had a season in which I wore my socks down and that was when my life took off when I was 16. I thought to myself, ‘I’ve done well this season, I’m going to carry on with this.”

“There is also another reason. A lot of socks are so tight around my calves that they give me cramps. I try to have them down underneath my calves. I don’t do any work on them, either. It is just a thing that runs in my family.”

He was also questioned on the matter of his comparison with Paul Gascoigne, he said, “I would love to get compared to Gazza. I think he is an absolute icon.”

“He, along with Wayne Rooney, was probably one of the greatest England players over the last 30 years. There has been a load of them, but if they were the top two, Gazza would be my first.”

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