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“I Had Guns Pointed At My Head”, Former Villa Player Recalled The Day He Signed For The Club

Former Aston Villa defender Zat Knight has recalled an unfortunate incident that happened on the day he signed for the club. He was arrested by the armed police because of his brother.

He was arrested by the cops after they raided his mom’s house in Erdington just before his unveiling at Bodymoor. In the end, Police found out that his brother Carlos was guilty of dealing in heroin and cocaine for which he was jailed for six years.

In an interview with Footy Says Podcast, he said, “I don’t know if you know about the whole setup and my experience of my signing-on day.”

“My mum’s house got raided by gun police and I had guns pointed to my head. Then, that same afternoon, I signed for Aston Villa.”

“When I went to go and see the manager because everything had come out in the news… as I got to the training ground the police were already there.”

“I missed the press conference and I said to the manager, ‘Listen, I can’t pick and choose my family. I’m not my brother. I don’t know what they choose to get up to.”

“The manager stuck with me. I said I had a career at Fulham and had never been in trouble. He stuck with me, hence what my celebration was (vs Chelsea) when I went over to him.”

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“He could have told me to go back to Fulham but he stuck with me and gave me my dream move. To score on my debut was a great feeling. I loved every moment at Aston Villa”

Knight was signed in the summer of 2007 and he made 40 appearances for the clubs in his two seasons in Claret & Blue.

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