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If You Get Into An Argument With An Owner, There’s Only One Winner – Smith

Dean Smith was hired back in 2018 by the Villa owners as the part of project to gain Premier League promotion. Given this fact we can say he did a fine job.

He spoke to the Leader Performance Podcast this week and shared his thoughts on relationship with the owners. On having good relationship with club and hierarchy he said, “The relationship with the owners and CEOs is one of the most important.”

“I can honestly say out of all the clubs I’ve worked with – Leyton Orient, Walsall, Brentford and Aston Villa – I could go out for dinner with all of the CEOs and owners now because, at the end of the day, it’s their club.”

“You have to have a good relationship with them. You’re not always a yes man. You’ve got your philosophy and your reasons why you do things but they’re ultimately the ones who do things and pay the money. If you get into an argument with an owner, there’s only one winner.”

He shared his experience of going to the education trip to the US along with Edens last year.

“I went over to see one of our owners, Wes Edens, who owns Milwaukee Bucks, They’re incredible at the moment. Their record in the NBA is fantastic. I went over last season just to watch them and to watch how they work and to see their team ethic.”

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“You walked into their training center and you could feel the culture straight away. It was one of continual learning and one of elite basketball, wanting to get better. The coach there, Bud, was brilliant. He was leading it all and you could see everyone looking up at him.”

On returning back to training he said, “We’re hoping it goes back to normality but what will normality look like in three or four months time?”

“The likelihood is we’ll be playing in empty stadium, which is going to bring its own difference. “

“The social distancing rule will probably be in for a long time in restaurants.”

“My learning about my players, which I place great importance on, is during the dinner times, the canteen times and lunchtimes when you sit together and chew the fat. Will that ever be the same again or will you sit two meters apart?”

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