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“It wasn’t in my plans to sell him”, Arteta On Emiliano Martinez

Arsenal’s coach Arteta has relieved that it wasn’t in his plans to sell Emi Martinez but it had to be done for a couple of reasons.

Speaking in a pre-match conference Arteta explained how this deal was good for both, the player and the club, as the player wanted the no 1 goalkeeping spot and the club had to balance the accounts.

Arteta said, “He had a career of 10 years here. It wasn’t just the last six or eight months. You have to look at everything he did through his time at the club.”

“Obviously, it wasn’t in my plans to sell him, but we gave him the chance because he deserved it.”

“He performed really really well but we have to balance the books. We have to make the right choices in the market and, obviously, I couldn’t guarantee him to be the No.1.”

“He’s a very ambitious person, he has been working really hard and he can see now that the opportunity (to play regularly) is there (at Villa). He’s got the opportunity to play with Argentina and, when a player asks you to do that, I think you have to be open enough and tell him what you think about him.”

“If he makes the decision to leave, you should try to support him because he deserves it for the way he has served the club over the years.”

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Martinez has signed a four year deal with Aston Villa and had a great start to his career at Villa Park so far.

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