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“It’s Hard To Gel With New Arrivals”, John McGinn

John McGinn believes that it is hard to gel with new arrivals but fans want instant results because of the money spent.

It’s been almost three months since Villa played it’s last game in Premier League in which they were soundly beaten by Leicester at King Power stadium.

John McGinn who is out of the team since December due to an injury thinks players need time to gel with new arrivals as they come from different leagues and countries.

Speaking in a recent interview, he said, “I played with Douglas Luiz for the first half of the season before I got injured and he genuinely couldn’t understand a word I said.”

“I don’t know if he spent the lockdown with his tutor online but fair play to him because it helps so much when he can understand ‘man on!’.”

“I don’t think they know what ‘man on’ is in Brazil.”

Speaking on Villa’s squad transition from Championship winning side to 12 new arrivals along with departure he shared his views.

He further said, “There were a lot of players all from different leagues and countries kind of flung together and because of the money that was spent, people just expected us to gel instantly.”

“But it really doesn’t work like that, especially in a league where you get punished for making mistakes.”

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“The break has been good for us. It has made us appreciate the situation we are in and we have 10 games now to get ourselves out of it.”

He also thinks this break from football has done good to players mental health, “I honestly think the break has been good for us mentally.”

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