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Premier League To Return On June 17 With Four Teams In Action On Matchday

Premier League is set to return on June 17 after three months ban on sports activities due to COVID-19 as decided in Thursday’s meeting. Aston Villa, Sheffield United, Arsenal & Man City will be in action on a matchday.

These 4 teams have played one less game than the other clubs. After June 17 all teams will have played 29 games. Aston Villa vs Sheffield United was originally postponed due to EFL final and Man City vs Arsenal was postponed due to Covid-19 pandemic.

So far the premier league has reported 12 positive cases after 3 rounds of testing which was fairly low ratio according to the tests done. This helped premier league chiefs to convince the clubs for football return.

G. Neville: Players Will Be Fit For Restart

For many people Players fitness is a concern but Gary Neville said that Players Will Be Fit Till June 17.

Speaking on The Football Show, he said, “I don’t see players’ fitness being a concern – I don’t see them needing four or five weeks. Even when they’ve had six weeks off for pre-season, within 10 days of going back in they’d be playing games again in pre-season.

“They wouldn’t be 100 per cent fit but these are uncharted times. I wouldn’t expect the players to be absolutely perfect. I feel two to three weeks is about right to get them back playing again.

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“We’re constantly told throughout the season that players are overworked, play too many matches. What we can’t have is a situation where the players have had an eight-week break to then say they need six weeks of training to get back to fitness. That doesn’t feel right.

“If Harry Kane was borderline fit for the European Championships and was going to be back two weeks before the tournament, he’d be saying he was fit and ready to go. I don’t see the difference with this situation.”

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