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Smith Explained Why He Can’t Play Two Strikers Upfront

Since the restart of Premier League Villa has been struggling to get the much-needed win but they couldn’t get it and the majority of the supporters have only one demand from their coach i.e play Samatta and Davies upfront together.

Despite this wish from many of the fans, Smith is stuck with his trusted 4-3-3 system and he has an explanation for this.

He said, “People keep talking about playing two up front but it’s very difficult to play two up front and keep Jack Grealish on the pitch.”

“Jack’s one of our talisman so we worked a situation (at Newcastle) where Jack could play in behind Keinan and Ally.”

“You have to be careful because there’s a big shift for the midfielders then. Their out ball will always be the full-backs.”

“It’s funny, you put two up front and you go from back to front too quickly. I still thought we needed to go through our midfielders and, once we did that, we were much more of a threat.”

“What we’ve got to do is convert our chances. The confidence hasn’t diminished. The dressing room’s a tight dressing room.”

On asking whether derby against Wolves mean more to him since he is a Villa fan, he said.

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“I’m not a Villa fan. I’m the Villa manager at the moment. I try to lose that tag. I’m now the Villa head coach looking to win games to keep us in the Premier League.”

“I was coming up against Nuno with Brentford in the Championship. Now, seeing what they’re doing in the Premier League is inspiring.”

“They’ve done a fantastic job competing on all fronts, even in Europe this season. They have a realistic aim of being a top-six team now. They’ve done a fantastic job and credit must go to all of them.”


  1. I don’t think you have to lose Jack if you play two up front, play Jack where he does the most damage to the opposition back in the middle of the park

  2. I’m not a football coach and don’t claim to know how to run a squad.i do understand from reading this interview why Dean won’t play 4 4 2 but what annoys me is the fact were Severn games from possibly going down back into the championship which would mean this current squad being broken up,which it definitely would be and the very possibility of being down there for a few seasons again.
    So my point being we have to try everything EVERYTHING in our power to not let that happen.were fortunate the clubs around us are fairing no better,this is keeping us on level footing,thankfully.
    So please if we’re 70 minutes into a game and trailing or even drawing and it looks like nothing will change,make that change,change the system put two up front it could and would unbalance the opposition which could be that edge we need to win the game and get those all important points.
    I’d rather us go down knowing we did everything we could rather than go down thinking did we do all that we could.
    Keep on fighting Drano,villa till we die.

  3. Instead of jack been on the wing put him as a central play his a creator play 2 up front bring barry in as well apparently his class

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