Smith says Pep Guardiola is World Class - AVFC vs MCFC

Smith says Pep Guardiola is World Class – AVFC vs MCFC

AVFC vs MCFC set to take on each other and Aston Villa will host Manchester city on Sunday with hosts battling to stay in top division football next season. On 10 January AVFC Coach Smith sat down with the media and hailed City’s coach and the players. He told the media that he is aware of the test that is ahead of him and his players.

His actual words were:

“We played the second-placed team in the cup and now we’re playing the team that are third and have won back-to-back titles.”

“They have a world-class coach and world-class players, they can afford to spend £50 million on a right back, so we know the test.”

“They have had some off days this season – they got beat at Norwich and Wolves – so we must have belief in ourselves, as well as concentration.”

These words are taken from press release by Aston Villa.

He went onto admire his goalie Nyland and went on to say this:

“I’m confident in his ability. When I first arrived, he was the number one but unfortunately he snapped his Achilles and was out for six months.

“Opportunities come around and he’s worked very hard with Neil Cutler to get to the levels that we can expect, and he can certainly play at this level, that’s for sure.”

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