Olivier Norwood vs Aston Villa

“We Don’t Worry About Any Other Club, We Only Care About Sheffield United”, Norwood

Sheffield United’s midfielder Olivier Norwood says that they are in better shape than ever as they are going to take on Aston Villa on June 17 under project restart.

Sheffield United currently challenging for the Europa League spot this season. They are currently sitting on 7th position and a win against Villa will make their case strong for European Qualification.

On the other hand Villa can beat relegation zone for some time if they beat Sheff. United on June 17.

Speaking to Daily Mail Norwood said, “I’d do 45-minute bike sessions before breakfast, running in the afternoon, weight sessions four times a week. We needed the weekends off, it was gruelling, to be honest.”

“It was harder than the off-season programme we were given to come back pre-season and it’s shown. We did the testing we’d normally do on the first day of pre-season and everyone has bested their scores.”

Norwood further said: “If you asked every player in our team, we don’t have any friends, we don’t worry about any other club, we only care about Sheffield United.

“If they are not up to the intensity, or we are not up to the intensity, they will beat us or we will beat them, simple as that. The stakes are high for both teams and I think you’ll see that. Everyone will be excited and looking forward to that first game. I think you will see an edge in every footballer.”

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“We want to earn everything we achieve this season on the pitch, we don’t want points per game and all that kind of thing, and we’ll be given the opportunity to do that now.”

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